Apple iPhone 12 without charger ?

When I heard that the iPhone 12 was shippping without a charger and ear phones, I thought the folks at Apple Cupertino were growing crazy during the Covid Pandamic. I mean how do they expect people to charge their phone then?

Once I know more I think it’s not just an acceptable idea, but a great one.

Here are the reasons why:

Many people are charging their phones via USB ports of computers, powersurge connectors with USB ports or power chargers with mutiple ports. They simply don’t use the one that comes with the phone. At my home and office, there are several charging points for phones, tabets and spare batteris and not a single iPhone/iPad charger plugged in. The iPhone charges are still in the boxes.

I recall in the old days when Nokia was selling phones with different chargers for each new model of phones, there were pictures of bins full of discharded chargers that were thrown away when people upgrade their phones. What a complete waste of resources. This situation improved greatly a few years when phone companies started releasing phones that use chargers that use the USB ports. Now people can use the same USB charger to charge many different phones, but each phone always comes with a new charger, that is left in the box, as the old charger works well enough. Or the new charger gets put to use and the old is left in the box.

By not having the often unused charger and ear piece in the box, Apple can make the box much smaller and save a lot on storage and shipment cost. And reduce cost more by not including a charger and ear piece. Apple saves on cost and by reducing unused resources.

There’s good news for the customers too. Now Apple can provides fast technology like the A14 chip in the iPhone 12 and costly ultra fast 5G, at almost the same cost as previous phone generation. You get 5G for free, almost on the iPhone 12. Compared to the higher prices that Samung and others are charging for 5G, Apple’s move begin to look wise. Now that’s a great deal.

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