Leben CS660P Amplifier

The Leben CS660P is a wonderful Amp.

Leben CS300X & CS660P Win High Fidelity Awards!

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CS660P at Jeff’s PlaceCS660P with KT90.

6moons review of CS660P by Jeff Day.

6moons review of CS660P by Wojciech Pacuła.

Leben CS660P. Pic from 6moons.com.


Leben CS660P. Pic from 6moons.com.



Leben’s founder, Mr. Taku Hyodo. Hyodo San is considered one of the seven best vacuum tube electronics designers in Japan and he used to design vacuum tube electronics for the premium Luxman brand. Being a musician and ardent music lover, Hyodo San responded by founding a ‘private label’ electronics company whose products would reflect his passion that ‘music is life’. 
Hyodo San’s limited production Leben creations have a very lively following in Japan and a group of enthusiastic owners have even established a fan club called the Leben Audio Lovers’ Club. Words & pic from 6moons.com.

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