Squale 60 ATMOS Squalematic Blue

The Squale 60 ATMOS Squalematic Blue is a remake of the original Squalematic Diver from the 1970s.

The blue/cyan sunburst dial is nostalgic and yet captivating to look at. The beautiful dial features applied multifaceted steel markers which catches light, depending on the angle it appears silver or silver giving dimensions to the dial. With Superluminova applied to the ends of the steel makers for superb low light visibility.

Made in the same way Squale used in the past, the bezel inlay adds a hint of nostalgia to the Squalematic. The bakelite bezel inlay is coloured in a multi-stage process. The bezel is warm to the touch while guaranteeing excellent bevel legibility thanks to the transparency.

The Squalematic uses a double domed sapphire crystal with anti-reflection treatment for added clarity.

The 44mm polished stainless steel case is has the iconic Squale case shape. The Squalematic diver comes with a comfortable matching perforated tan leather strap.

The Squalematic 60 ATMOS is a classic diver watch that will stand the test of time.


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