Art of Desaru Ride

Lovely Ride from Singapore to Desaru, Bio Desaru, Kota Tinggi and Tenggaroh.

The ride was perfect.

Roads: The roads from Desaru to Bio Desari, Sedili Besar, Kota Tinggi and Tenggaroh are quiet country paved roads surrounded by tropical fauna. Natural tropical plants and trees line the roads where there are no farms. Huge oil palm plantations, newer vegetable farms, fruit farms and aquaculture farms are common a sight. Roads are all well paved, except for the occasional potholes which can be easily avoided if you are travelling at 70-100kmh.

Weather: Sunny, Dry weather, Cool in the morning. It’s hot and humid at midday, so much so that I was tempted to just sit at the Desaru Hotel pool and cool off. However once on the move the breeze was cool and temperate just right for cruising.

Other Road users: The great thing about these lonely coastal roads is that there is so little traffic of any sort, on a weekday. Note local weekend is Friday and Saturday. So few cars, trucks, buses and even few riders. Most cars and traffic are using the bigger roads and highways, which makes these roads perfect for riding, if you are not in a hurry.


Harley at the Sedili Besar, Kota Tinggi Beach, Johore, Malaysia
Art – Harley at the Beach 1



Art – Harley at the Beach 2
Harley at Desaru Beach.
1995 Harley Evo.

Art by RickC.

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