New Design for Feed in Google App

The news Feeds in the redesigned Google App (for iOS and Andriod) is selected according to user’s interaction with Google, like search records, news read and trending news.

Google’s Feed is similar to Facebook’s in purpose, but without social elements. Content isn’t display according to what something in a user’s social circle have shared, and there no way to liking a post.

The Google feed differentiate by giving “deeper context and under exploration” to accounts, displaying a multiple viewpoints on the same news, as well as related news and articles.
Google App’s emphasis on supporting multiple viewpoints could draw people to its feed over Facebook’s. Google app lets you to block news from selected websites.

Facebook has frequently been criticised for surfacing content that strengthens people’s worldview. This is because of the social nature of Facebook, and the opportunity that like-minded friends will share content that are like yours.

But the loss of social opinions on Google’s feed limits its capacity to challenge Facebook. What gives Facebook’s news feed attractive is the comments that users add to stories they share. Google’s feed won’t interest to people users who value becoming their friends’ commentary within a news feed.

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