Silk Route Bicycle Tour

There’s a bicycle tour that takes you 12,280 kilometre across the ancient Silk Road. Next tour is 12 May to 3 October, 2018.

The Silk Route Bicycle Tour begins in Beijing, China and follows the northern Silk Route across mysterious lands, fiery deserts, and forbidding mountains. Almost 20 weeks later participants arrive in faraway Istanbul, the majestic capitol of Byzantium, the Roman Empire, the Ottomans and now the Republic of Turkey.

Included are visits to four destinations definitely off the beaten track – enigmatic Iran where we will marvel at that country’s Persian past, the Pamir Highway in Tajikistan where we will climb to over 4600 meters and cycle across the ‘Roof of the World’, mysterious Kazakhstan where we will pedal through the immense steppes, the site of Soviet nuclear tests and successful space landings, and distant Mongolia, where riders will cycle along ancient trading routes through the vast steppes and meet the country’s friendly nomadic people, experiencing their age old traditions.

Participants will ride to the mystical Central Asian cities of Samarqand, Bukhara, and Merv, and camp amongst the stunning meadows, rivers and peaks of Kyrgyzstan.


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