The Mac as a HiFi music player

I love listening to high resolution music. It’s a joy to experience great  music played on a good system.

Great music sounds like real voices and instruments played in a good studio. It carries you to the performance venue itself and you enjoy the full effect of the music in your soul.

It’s a great joy to listen to music by my favorite artists, jazz or classical pieces.

As I write this, I am enjoying Chopin: Berceuse in D Flat, Op. 57, Perspectives by Helene Grimaud  and Light As A Feather, The Musician (Live) by Chick Corea.

I get so much enjoyment from listening to music on my HiFi system, which consist of an Apple iMac running Audirvana Plus 3  sending music via USB to a Chord Mojo Dac. The Dac powers directly a pair of Hifiman HE560 Headphones. The CD quality music is steaming from or from the CD/DSD collection on my harddisk.

Pure joy.

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