Wheelman King 63cc

The King is here.

The new Wheelman King has a 63cc 2-stroke engine. It holds 1.2 liter of fuel and can cruise for over one hour at up to 40 kmh over a range of 42 km. Great for tarmac or offroad use in light bike trails.

You can learn to ride a Wheelman very easily if you know how to skate, snow or surf board.

You can ride a Wheelman at a walking pace by steering the front wheel from side to side with your foot.  At speed you lean your body to steer. The cable type controller gives you fine control over the speed and brakes.  To slow down smoothly, simply let off of the throttle.

Safety gear like a helmet, gloves and pads is recommended when riding all  boards.

Video from motoboard.ru.

50cc version 2 Wheelman is on sale in ebay.

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